The election was for President / Secretary / Membership Officer.


Sixteen (16) Valid Nominations were received..  No Nominations were voided.


The following members received a minimum of two nominations from current CCA members, per the requirements, for the CCA Board of Directors’ positions shown. Richard Huber received one nomination for Membership Officer. 


The nominees’ responses of whether they accepted or declined their nomination are as follows:

President: James Hogg and Jerry Vergatos declined.  David Spragg accepted.

Secretary: Jim Follis, Jay Sands and Wendy Schulz declined.  James Hogg accepted. -

Membership Officer: Doug Balduini, Steve Bedo and Pam Focazio declined.  Jay Sands Accepted. -


Jay Sands had resigned from the Secretary position in order to run for the office of Membership Officer.  Therefore, President Spragg appointed James Hogg to the position of Secretary immediately following this nomination process.


Therefore, there was no need for a CCA Board of Directors Election. 


However, there was a Proposed Consitutional Amendment which required a 2/3 majority of those voting to pass. 


On Sunday, May 28, 2023, Bruce Massey and Mary Ann Massey, Election Co-Chairmen, counted the ballots for the Constitutional Amendment which would add two non-voting Members at Large to the CCA Board of Directors.


The outcome of the votes cast is as follows:  68 ballots were received with one voided due to an expired membership.

      YES  –                                     52

        NO –                                     15  


The above Constitution Amendment passed with 77.6% of the 67 votes cast.


There will be no special election for these positions. The nomination and voting process will coincide with the regular elections for 2024.


As an aside, the 67 ballots represent 0.07% of the active members as of May 27, 2023.


At this time, I request the Secretary certify the above elected BOD officers and the approved Constitution Amendment.


Thank you.


Respectfully Submitted,

Bruce & Mary Ann Massey, CCA Election Co-Chairmen