Chipping Glossary

A/C or AC Abbreviation for Atlantic City
AIRTITE Commercial name for a hard plastic two-piece transparent protective snap holder for chips.
ALTERATION A change made to to make an item appear to be something that it is not. Alterations must be completely described so as not to defraud a new owner. Similar to COUNTERFEIT.
Pronounced "Arrow Die". Trademark rim mold for chip manufacturer.
BB Bulletin Board, Usually found on internet talk groups for posting messages
B & G Bourgoyne et Grasset. A large European manufacturer of chips and plaques. Also called B et G.
BINDER Albums used to house pages for chips to be stored. Usually 3-ring style but some may have vinyl pages permanently bound into spine.
BORLAND, BILL A chip manufacturer and one of the first chip dealers.
A chip manufactured by Bill Borland that was not authorized by the casino.
BOURSE French word for "marketplace". Commonly used for describing the area set aside for convention dealers to transact business at their rented "bourse tables".
BUBBLE MAILER A lightweight air-cushioned protected shipping envelope.
BUD JONES or BJ One of the world's largest chip manufacturer. Known primarily for their metal center inlay type chips.
CAMERA COVERAGE TEST When Casino Control Commission (CCC) does testing to view new chips from casino's overhead security cameras.
CANCELLED A retired chip that has been invalidated by means of overstamp, notching or drilling so that in can no longer be used in the casino.
CASINO An establishment that provides table games, slots machines and/or other types of gaming.
CATWALK Areas above casino ceilings where security observes JDLR below.
CC>CC Abbreviation for Casino Chips & Gaming Tokens Collectors Club. a 2500 member international organization.
CH-xxxx Charter Member. Limited to first 100 applicants.
R-xxxx Regular Member. Currently $20 per year dues.
A-xxxx Associate Member. Currently $5 per year dues. *Must be family member living at same address as regular member. (Does not receive magazine)
LM-xxxx Life Member. One payment at 15 times regular membership dues after three years regular membership.
HLM-xxxx Honorary Life Membership. Bestowed by club officers upon individual member who has performed outstanding meritorious service to the club.
CCC Casino Control Commission.
CHAPTER A local hobby club of casino chips and gaming token collectors or non- geographical special interest focus group who have affiliated with the International Casino Chips & Gaming Tokens Collectors Club, Inc.
CHAPTER MEMBER An individual member of a Chapter. (May or may not be a CC>CC member.)
CHARTER MEMBER The first 100 membership applications received when CC>CC was formed.
CHECK A casino chip that has a redeemable cash value and is used to place wagers at casino table games. Not used in slot machines.
CHEQUERS One of the first internet websites for chip collectors.
CHIP A casino chip that has no cash value such as a roulette chip. Can also be used to place wagers on a casino table game. Not used in slot machines.
CHIPAHOLIC A person addicted to collecting chips.
CHIPALANCHE Used to describe the falling down of stacks of chips.
CHIPCO Name of a chip manufacturer located in the state of Maine. Primary style of chips are of a wafer type manufacture with full graphics covering entire surface of chip.
CHIPOLOGY 1. The study of casino chips and tokens. 2. A series of educational seminars presented at the CC>CC Conventions. These educational presentations are available in PDF form on the CC>CC web site.
CHIPPER Slang word for a Chip Collector.
CHIP RUN To acquire chips and cheques from several casinos over a limited period of time.
CIC Coin Inlay Center. Description of a specific style of chip using metallic center inserts.
COIN ALIGNED Relationship of obverse to reverse alignment of designs. Coin related subjects are one side right side up, other side upside down when rotated left to right or right to left. (See Medal aligned.)
COIN CUP Plastic cup used to hold coins that are cashed out of a slot machine. The coin are then transported in the cup to the change booth or casino cage for redemption by the player.
COMMON ERROR A manufacturing defect that is found in may like specimens. Example: A missing edge insert. A mis-registration of color placement.
CONDITION A verbal description of the amount of wear or damage on a chip token or other collectible. Some generally accepted terms used for Condition are, New; Slightly Used; Used; Worn; and Damaged.
COTY/TOTY/SSOTY Annual contest conducted each year by Casino Chips & Gaming Tokens Collectors Club to choose the "Chip Of The Year", "Token Of The Year" and "Silver Strike Of The Year". Voted on by panel of club-member judges.
COUNTERFEIT An imitation made with the intent to deceive or defraud. See BORLAND COUNTERFEIT.
or C&S
Clay chips produced by U.S. Playing Card Company prior to 1940. Smooth across the surface, has a plain mold and round litho inlay. Center Inlay is protected by a clear thick, possibly celluloid material.
CURRENT A casino collectible that is still in use.
C/W Campiglia & Wells reference catalog on casino chips.
DAY CRUISE An unregulated casino boat that picks up gamblers for short cruises in international waters.
DGE Division of Gaming Enforcement.
DROP CHIP A chip used in some casino's poker tables to take the house's cut out of each hand. The chip is "dropped" in a special slot on the table. Typically an odd denomination like $2 or $3.
DOVETAIL A chip divided in half by 2 different colors. At the center of the chip the colors interlock in "dovetail" fashion.
DOUBLE POST An identical message posted more than one time on an electronic bulletin board.
DUPE(s) More than one of the same chip or token. Often used when referring to traders.
EBAY Electronic on-line medium for all kinds of items/merchandise offered for sale at auction.
EDGE Outermost portion of a chip, token, silver strike. By balancing a chip or token perpendicular to a flat surface, it is said to be standing on it's edge.
EDGE INSERT A security device inserted into a composite material casino chip to distinguish it from other denomination/casino's chips. The color(s) are usually differnet from the base color of the casino chip.
E-MAIL Electronic on-line private messages that are intended for selected recipient(s).
EOM End Of Message. "EOM" is typed in subject heading of bulletin board post to alert reader that there is no text message to follow. The subject title IS the message.
ERROR A chip or token with a manufacturing defect.
EYE IN THE SKY Overhead security cameras used to monitor gambling operations and irregularities on the casino floor.
FANTASY CHIP Non-redeemable chip that has been produced as a replica or for a non- existent casino or for home use. . sometimes referred to as a "fake".
FAUX CHIP A false chip. It may be counterfeit, fantasy or otherwise, but not a chip that could actually be used in a casino.
FLIP 2" x 2" or 3" x 3" square vinyl protective holder for chips and tokens.
FOREIGN Term used by casinos to describe a chip or token in their possession that was meant to be used at another casino.
FRACTIONAL Chips and tokens that are less than $1 denomination.
FREE PLAY Promotional chips given to casino players or sold to casino players at a discount.
GAMING BOAT Vessel that goes out past the three-mile limit for a full day or night of casino gambling.
or Shorthand for "grin" or "very big grin" used on electronic bulletin boards by computer skilled posters to indicate joking.
GRUNGE The dirt and grime that accumulates on the surfaces of casino chips due to sweaty palms and fingers, oils, spilled drinks, etc.
HAN Hot August Nights. An annual celebration in Reno in which commemorative chips are issued each year.
HARVESTER Primarily a term used to describe a collector who "acquires" non-value roulette chips that are not supposed to be removed from the roulette table in order to trade with other roulette harvesters, or to sell privately.
H&C Hat & Cane symbol on rim of chip. Trademark for world's largest manufacturer of casino chips.. Paul-Son Gaming.
HEADS Opposite of Tails. Main side or main theme of subject being honored or commemorated. Usually the side with date.
HSHD Trademark pattern design of 16 Horse heads facing left (HHL) or 16 Horse heads facing right (HHR) edgemold. Langworthy Co. was the manufacturer.
HOUSE CHIP Regular everyday table rack chips used by casinos.
HS or HOT STAMP Primarily a gold foil imprint or embossing in the center area of a non-image chip. Other colors used can be silver; blue; red; green.
ILLEGAL A chip that has been produced for a non-licensed casino.
IMHO Abbreviation for "In My Humble Opinion".
International Waters
Three miles off the east or west coast and 9 miles in the Gulf of Mexico. Day Cruise boats operate in international waters to avoid government regulation.
A casino located on an Indian Reservation.
INLAY Center of chip where graphics appear along with denomination, casino name and location.
INSERT Colored markings (single and multiple stripes, solid half-circles) around inlay, unique to the particular mold and denomination.
IVORIES Chips made from Ivory. They are usually very rare and expensive.
JDLR Casino lingo for "Just Doesn't Look Right".
JETON Pronounced zhe ton. A lightweight plastic gambling chip used in Europe, Asia and South American casinos. Usually moved about the table with the use of a tool called a "ratau" (rake).
LARGE CROWN Trademark rim mold design for chip manufacturer, TR King.
LARGE KEY Trademark rim mold design for chip manufacturer, BC Wills.
LAYOUT The felt covering used for table games such as Craps, Blackjack, or Caribbean Stud.
LE's Limited Edition chips issued for special events. Sometimes referred to as commemorative issues.
LURKER One who is content with reading messages on an electronic bulletin board but who does not post one's own messages or replies.
MATCH PLAY A chip or coupon given to casino patrons to bet with their own matching money or chips.
MEDAL A round non-redeemable metal object that has been issued to commemorate an event, a person or group of persons, place(s) or thing(s).
MEDAL ALIGNED Relationship of obverse to reverse alignment of designs. Medal related subjects are right side up on both sides when rotated left to right or right to left. (See Coin Aligned)
MESSAGE BOARD Electronic medium of posting and exchanging messages for public consumption.
MOLD The "die" that is used to create the basic incused and/or relief designs of plastic and clay chips.
MOP Mother Of Pearl chip.
NCR "Not Chip Related" for electronic bulletin board posts advising readers that subject matter is unrelated to chip collecting.
NCV No Cash Value
NEW A description of the condition of a chip, token or other collectible that has no visible sign of use.
NEW FIND A chip or token that has been discovered that was not previously known or cataloged.
NEWBIE Slang for new club member or new to the hobby.
NN Non-Negotiable
NOTCHED SAMPLE Samples of chips distributed by manufacturer as prototypes or advertising product with cut-out notches in side of chip to prevent unauthorized redemption.
OBSOLETE In general, when applied to casino collectibles, an item that is no longer in use or available from the original source. Usually the collectible is from a closed casino or from a casino that has stopped using the item because it has been replaced.
OBVERSE Generally referred to as "heads" side.
PAUL-SON World's largest manufacturer of casino chips and gaming supplies.
PC Personal Computer.
PIPPS Different suit symbols of 8 suits mold.
PLAQUE Rectanglar, square-shaped or oval cheque primarily used in European casinos.
PMSC Plastic Molded Slug Core. A style of casino chip where the plastic is molded over a metal core with parts of the core exposed. Also referred to as "Brass Core" or "Slug Core".
PRIZE TOKEN See "Silver Strike"
PROMO Promotional chip used to advertise or to redeem for a prize, benefit or in"150ctions.
RARE A controversial term used to describe a very uncommon or usually expensive chip or token. Harder to find than scarce.
Produced by U.S. Playing Card Co.
REVERSE Generally referred to as the "tails" side.
RHC Reverse Hat & Cane mold. The direction of the cane changes every fourth impression.
RIM Sometimes mistakenly called the edge. A coin or chip stands on it's edge. not it's rim. The rim is usually where the mold appears.
RIVERBOAT A licensed casino that is water based. It may be a boat that travels in a lake or river. In some states riverboat casinos do not cruise.
ROTFL Shorthand in e-communications for "Rolling On The Floor Laughing" in response to a funny story or funny response. Sometimes WPIMP is added to ROTFL which translates "Rolling On The Floor Laughing While Peeing In My Pants".
ROOM KEY The latest craze associated with chip & token collectors acquiring sometimes very attractive plastic cards with metallic strips that have just about replaced the older-type metal hotel room keys.
RR Shorthand for "Round Robin".
ROUND ROBIN Similar to a chain letter where packages of chips, slot cards, tokens are sent to collectors who have voluntarily signed up in advance to a distribution list for the purposes of trading. When one item is removed from a Round Robin to add to one's collection, it must be replaced with a different item before sending on to the next recipient.
SCOFFER A person who attempts to purchase all of a new issue chip at one time to corner the market and freeze out other dealers/collectors.
SHOE CHIP A non-value chip affixed to a dealing shoe such as found at BlackJack tables in Atlantic City.
SHOTGUN SWAP Like a Round Robin, except that everyone on the list simultaneously sends a predetermined number/type of chips to each of the others on the list. A large number of chips are quickly distributed.
SILVER STRIKE Sometimes abbreviated as "SS". A prize token housed in a round two-piece hard transparent plastic case that is dispensed from a slot machine in lieu of coins or redeemable tokens.
SLAB The encapsulation of a coin, chip, token, medal into a non-removeable sealed hard-plastic inert holder by a 3rd party grading service.
SLABBER Someone who participates in the slabbing process.
SLABBING The process in which a hobby item such as a coin, chip, token, medal is sealed into a slab.
SLABFREE.COM A web-site devoted to educating new chip collectors to the potential injurious effects that slabbing has upon our hobby.
SLIGHTLY USED A term used to describe a chip, token or other collectible that is in excellent condition but shows some indication of minor use.
SLOT CARD A plastic or cardboard card with a magnetic strip or punched holes that is inserted into a reader at a slot machine, or presented at a table game, in order to track a customer's level of play for use in awarding complimentaries, such as; rooms, meals, show tickets, cash-back, etc.
SLOT GLASS Colorful glass panels that are installed on slot machines. There are three styles; belly glass, logo glass and payout glass panels.
SMALL CROWN Trademark rim mold design for chip manufacturer, TR King.
SMALL KEY Trademark rim mold design for chip manufacturer, BC Wills Co.
SNAPPER A $2.50 chip used in the game of blackjack
SNIPE To place a bid on ebay at the last possible moment before the deadline.
SNIPED To lose an ebay top bid to one who has submitted the winning bid just before the deadline.
SORI Scan Of Real Item. Image in scan is the actual item.. not a copy or another similar item.
SPAM Indiscriminate, unsolicited, unwanted, irrelevant, or inappropriate electronic messages through email, message boards, instant messaging and the like. Especially email commercial advertising in mass quantities. Also called electronic "junk mail".
SPIEL MARK German term for game counter.
SWIZZLE STICK A drink stirrer that usually has the identity of a casino or lounge or restaurant.
TABLE GAMES Any of a number of games played at a table in a casino, including: Craps, Black Jack, Roulette, Caribbean Stud Poker, Let It Ride, Pow Gai Poker, Pan, the Big Wheel and Baccarrat.
TAILS Opposite of heads. Usually the side of a chip or token not having the date or devices being commemorated.
TCR See: The Chip Rack.
THE CHIP RACK Commonly referred to as "The Bible" for identifying casino chips from Nevada.
TGT See: The Gaming Table.
THE GAMING TABLE Excellent reference for locating casinos from around the world and opening and closing dates.
TIP CHIP Non-gaming chip used to tip dancers at "gentlemen's clubs".
TOKEN Usually a metal object (but can be plastic, cardboard, etc.) that is used as a replacement for money that is redeemable for cash, goods, or services, as in slot token.
TRADER A duplicate chip, token or other collectible for the purpose of trading with another collector.
UFC Unidentified Flying Chip. A term used to describe a chip of unknown origin or identification of a previously unknown chip.
UNCIRCULATED A description of the condition of a chip, token or other collectible that has no visible sign of use. Same as "NEW".
UNICORN A mold that resembles a series of running Unicorns.
UNIQUE One of a kind. Only one known in existence.
USED A description of the condition of a chip, token, or other collectible that has obvious signs of use. For example: rim nicks, worn hatch marks, rounded edges, etc.
WEB SITE A collection of related Web Pages.
WEB PAGE An individual "page" that can be viewed with a web browser.
WEBTVTHING A justifiable excuse used by some web tv users who are limited to what files they can access or images they can't open in emails or on electronic bulletin boards.
WET CHIPS Any chip which is used on a ship that sails in salt water such as a day cruise or traditional cruise lines. Not Riverboat chips.
WORN A description of the condition of a chip, token or other collectible that has some portion(s) compromised. Such as: very rounded edges, hot stamp partially or totally missing, severe fading, significant rim nicks. Unattractive through excessive use or abuse.
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